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To make a reservation, call us or send us an e-mail.  Reservations made by e-mail are NOT confirmed until you receive a return e-mail from us that will verify that your requested date and time are available.  Flight instruction in a Seaplane or in a LAND Plane is available, but is subject to aircraft availability.  Helicopter and LAND Plane tours are available AT DISCOUNT PRICES. 

San Diego Bay and Coastal Air Tour PRICES: 

15 Minute Seaplane Whale Watching & Aerial Tour

1 passenger:     $ 190 
2 passengers:   $ 380  ($ 190 each person) 
3 passengers:   $ 540  ($ 180 each person) 
4 passengers:   $ 720  ($ 180 each person

20 Minute Seaplane Whale Watching & Aerial Tour

1 passenger:     $ 210 
2 passengers:   $ 400  ($ 200 each person) 
3 passengers:   $ 570  ($ 190 each person) 
4 passengers:   $ 760  ($ 190 each person)

25 Minute Seaplane Whale Watching & Aerial Tour

1 passenger:     $ 230
2 passengers:   $ 440  ($ 220 each person) 
3 passengers:   $ 630  ($ 210 each person) 
4 passengers:   $ 840  ($ 210 each person)

30 Minute Seaplane Whale Watching & Aerial Tour 

1 passenger:     $ 260 
2 passengers:   $ 500  ($ 250 each person) 
3 passengers:   $ 720  ($ 240 each person) 
4 passengers:   $ 960  ($ 240 each person) 


San Diego Seaplane & Kayak COMB0 Tour PRICES: 

90 Minute Kayak SD Bay Tour with   20 Minute Seaplane Whale Watching & Aerial Tour

1 passenger:     $ 210 + $  60  = $ 260
2 passengers:   $ 400 + $ 120 = $ 520  ($ 260 each person) 
3 passengers:   $ 570 + $ 180 = $ 750  ($ 250 each person) 
4 passengers:   $ 760 + $ 240 = $ 1,000  ($ 250 each person)

90 Minute Kayak SD Bay Tour with   30 Minute Seaplane Whale Watching & Aerial Tour

1 passenger:     $ 260 + $  60  = $ 320
2 passengers:   $ 500 + $ 120 = $ 620   ($ 310 each person) 
3 passengers:   $ 720 + $ 180 = $ 900   ($ 300 each person) 
4 passengers:   $ 960 + $ 240 = $ 1,200  ($ 300 each person) 

Note:  The Seaplane flight times above will be an additional 5 to 10 minute water taxi in the seaplane before and after the flight.  So you get a mini Bay Tour on the water in the seaplane before and after the actual flight. The 20 Minute Seaplane Air Tour is 30 to 40 minutes total time in the seaplane.  The 30 Minute Air Tour is approximately 40 to 50 minutes total time in the seaplane.

San Diego Bay & Coastal Air Tour Highlights:

Join us for an exciting Seaplane Safari on our popular San Diego Bay and Coastal Aerial Tour.  You will see why San Diego is America’s Finest City. Your journey will include a thrilling seaplane takeoff and landing from beautiful San Diego Bay.  You will experience a combination Boat Tour and Air Tour. During our seaplane adventure you will see unparalleled views of world famous beaches and sights unique to San Diego, including our picturesque downtown waterfront and Seaport Village, the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum, Petco Park, San Diego’s World famous Zoo & Balboa Park, Coronado Bay Bridge, Coronado Island & the Hotel Del, Sunset Cliffs, SeaWorld, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay, La Jolla and more.  Keep an eye out when we fly along the coast as we often see playful dolphins, sea lions, seals, sharks, Blue Whales and other sea creatures.  You have the added option of a romantic lunch or dinner at several Bay Front restaurants after your flight.  The air above the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay is usually calm and cool as we soar through the air with the trusted skills of one of our experienced pilots.  Our Seaplane Coastal Tour is inherently safe as we are over the water for most of the 20 minute flight.  We offer an unforgettable experience that you will treasure forever.  Reserve your memorable flight today.  You may even find your own private paradise. 

San Diego Bay Kayak & Seaplane Tour COMBO: 

This tour is the best way to see San Diego Bay - from the water and from the air.  Your adventure will include a 20 minute Kayak lesson on the beach and then a 45 Minute Kayak Tour of beautiful San Diego Bay.  Then you will meet the seaplane and experience  a thrilling seaplane takeoff and landing with the Bay & Coastal Air Tour described above.  After the seaplane flight you will have an additional 45 Minute Kayak Tour back to the beach. The Seaplane & Kayak Tour COMBO will depart and return to Glorietta Bay unless other arrangements are made.  This is a perfect way to spice up a date, birthday or special anniversary.  Just take your girlfriend or boyfriend (husband/ wife) out for a Kayak Tour.  Then when you spot the seaplane on your tour, say something crazy like, "Wow, look a seaplane!  It sure would be fun to hop on that seaplane and go for a flight!"  Then paddle the Kayaks over to the seaplane for a closer look.  Then jump in the seaplane and surprise your date or spouse with the thrill of a lifetime.

We can do multiple flights for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, family reunions or company picnics.  Call us for more details: 808-SEA-PLANe.

Seaplane Safari "Whale Watching" Air Tour PRICES: 
20 Minute San Diego Coastal Flight & “Whale Watching”Air Tour:

1 passenger:     $ 199 
2 passengers:   $ 380  ($ 190
 each person) 
3 passengers:   $ 552  ($ 
184 each person) 
4 passengers:   $ 720  ($ 180 each person

30 Minute San Diego Coastal Flight & “Whale Watching”Air Tour

1 passenger:       $ 265 
2 passengers:     $ 520  ($ 260
 each person) 
3 passengers:     $ 765  ($ 
255 each person) 
4 passengers:  $ 1.000  ($ 250 each person

PRICES above for multiple passengers are for reservations made for the same flight & paid at the same time.  For large groups, please call for substantial group discounts.  Flights longer than 30 minutes are available.  Please call for price quote.  
Romantic "Sunset Flights" are very popular so make your reservations early.

Whale Watching Flights depart from and return to San Diego Bay or Montgomery Field Airport, 3717 John J. Montgomery Drive, San Diego CA. 92123  (Our seaplanes are amphibious – they can land on the water or on a runway.)   When you make your reservation you can decide where you want to meet the seaplane.  Several restaurants and hotels on San Diego Bay give VIP treatment to our customers when we make the lunch or dinner reservations for you.

Romantic "Sunset Flights" are an additional $ 20 (per passenger) and include one glass of wine, champagne or a non alcoholic beverage (per person) after the flight at one of the following airport restaurants of your choice: Casa Machado Mexican Restaurant, 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant, or Pampas Argentine Bar & Grill.

Seaplane Safari “Whale Watching” Aerial Tours are available during the winter migration of the California Grey Whale 

(December - April)

Fly with us as we go exploring the wonders of the air and sea - Marvel as you go Soarin’ over California’s beautiful coast – it’s better than a Disneyland ride!

View La Jolla’s picturesque coast line and the majestic cliffs rising above Black’s Beach as we soar over the Glider Port at the Torrey Pines Golf Course. Join us for a Seaplane Safari “Whale Watching” Adventure. Our safari is better than going to Africa; we won’t shoot anything but beautiful pictures. You will take home no trophies but true treasures of a memorable voyage. On our expedition, we seek out the great Blue Whale - the largest mammal on the planet Earth. Adult Blue Whales can grow to more than 100’ long and weigh over 150 tons.

On our Seaplane Safari “Whale Watching” tour is December to April each winter as follow the California Gray Whales on their annual migration just off the coast of San Diego.   Click below to see a video of Blue Whales in the waters near San Diego:

 Click here - Blue Whales swimming near San Diego 

Our “Whale Watching” Seaplane Safari is more exciting and more comfortable than bobbing up and down in a crowded “cattle boat” whale tour. California Gray whales travel south from Alaska, past San Diego, on the way to give birth to their new calves in the warm bays and lagoons of Baja California. The new whale babies along with their moms and dads head back north mid winter and early spring to spend the summer months feeding in Alaska. We spot the California Gray Whales off the coast of San Diego from November to April each year. During our tour, along with whales we often see pods of playful dolphins and slaphappy seals or barking sea lions.  With the right conditions (clear water and small surf) we often see dozens of young leopard sharks in the waters near the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club.  Breathtaking “Romantic Sunset" Flights are available (See below).

Other sights that are usually seen on our 30 minute aerial “Whale Watching” tour:

• Torrey Pines Golf Course and Glider Port
• Del Mar Race Track and Fairgrounds
• Pacific Beach
• Belmont Park and the Big Dipper Roller Coaster
• Mission Bay
• Sea World
• Point Loma and the Cabrillo Light House
• Naval Air Station North Island
• Naval Base San Diego - 32nd Street Naval Station, the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet ship yards
• Downtown San Diego and water front including Seaport Village & Petco Park
• The Hotel Del Coronado
• San Diego skyline
• Coronado Bay bridge
• Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo . . . and many more sites.

Schedule your flight for an evening “Romantic Sunset" Air Tour and watch the famous “green flash” from high above beautiful San Diego.  Our VIP sunset flight is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions or for whenever you feel like adding a little spice into your life.  Our Seaplane Safari is just the perfect way to set the mood for romance.  After your flight, you can choose to have VIP treatment at a Bay Front Restaurant (for San Diego Bay departures) or an airport restaurant of your choosing (for Montgomery Field Airport Departures): 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant, Casa Machado Restaurant or Pampas Argentine Steakhouse Grill.  Our Romantic Sunset Flights are an additional $ 20 per person, including beverage.  Restaurant discounts on dinner after the flight are available, please ask for details.

You can choose your own departure times when available, so make your reservations early. FAA Certified Commercial Pilots conduct all our flights. All seats are window seats. All passengers are provided with headsets for special narration of the tour. We also provide aerial photography and aerial video services, as well as flight instruction.

Passengers enjoy the security and safety of being in a seaplane when over the water during our Seaplane Safari. All our flight and water operations are conducted with a good neighbor policy. We avoid disturbing sea critters and we steer clear of boats, kayaks and human beach activities. When we fly in the air above the whales, seals and other sea life, we are far LESS intrusive than a boat with its whining boat motor(s) because boats have direct contact with the ocean (obviously). The motor boats typically used for commercial whale watching tours are many times more annoying to the sea animals because the boat noise is much louder to their ears. Also, boat propellers have the potential of harming sea creatures physically.

We are dedicated that your adventure with us is safe and enjoyable. We offer an unforgettable experience that you will treasure forever. Please call or e-mail us to schedule your memorable flight today. You may even find your own private paradise.

Terms and conditions:
• Check-in 20 minutes prior to departure, photo IDs are required for pre-paid flights.
• Exact flight routes, visible landmarks and flight times may vary slightly due to weather conditions and other air traffic.
• Wind & wave conditions may prevent a water takeoff & landing. 
• There is no guarantee that we will see blue whales, gray whales, killer whales or any other kind of whales.
• 24-hour cancellation notice is required.
• A 10% service fee will be applied to all cancellations.
• No refunds for cancellations that are less than 24 hours of your scheduled tour, no refunds for a “no-show”.  

Above prices were posted on Aug 7, 2013