San Diego Seaplanes
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San Diego Seaplanes began in 1982 and has maintained a perfect record of safety. For almost three decades, we have operated seaplanes locally in Southern California and in the beautiful Pacific Hawaiian Islands. Also, for many winter seasons, we have conducted international seaplane charter "Air Taxi" flights in a dozen South Caribbean countries and in Baja California.

Take our challenge . . . FLY WITH US and YOUR WORLD WILL CHANGE.   We have taught many to fly seaplanes.  It is fun and exciting and it will open up your world to a new adventure with every flight.  Call for more information on flight instruction costs and for available flight instruction dates.

Our pilots have extensive seaplane training and experience.  Each pilot has a minimum of 4,000 flight hours and a minimum of 20 years of commercial seaplane and land plane flight experience.  Our pilots regard safety of passengers as their highest priority.  Our mission is to provide exceptional service with uncompromising safety.

Come join us and explore a little piece of Paradise . . . a seaplane flight will provide you with the thrill and freedom of flight combined with the excitement of a water take-off and landing.